WordStorm AGM Minutes April 26, 2018


Membership Report: David Fraser

We currently have 53 members for the period ending March 31, 2018. Now is a great time to renew your membership or the join for the first time.


Financial Report: David Fraser


Currently our bank balance for March 31, 2018 is $4211.58


Total Liabilities and Members’ equity is $4267.33


Our total sound and stage equipment assets are $2963.53


Our April balance will show the grant from the City of Nanaimo for the up-coming year in the amount of $3267.00


The Statement of income and expenses for the year ending March 31, 2018 shows a year-end loss of $1267.58. This is close to our projected budget for last year since we paid out for additional sound and stage equipment for the 15 Minutes of Infamy spoken-word series.



Outgoing Artistic Director’ Report: David Fraser


This past year WordStorm has paid the honorariums for the readers and performers of 15 Minutes of Infamy and through the process 15 Minutes of Infamy became an integral part of The WordStorm Society of the Arts.


Together with 15 Minutes of Infamy we have finished off the remaining WordStorm evening and afternoon events in April and May, as well as special readings of writers of the page in September, October and November. These readings included Carla Funk, Kaily DeFehr, Tina Beillo, and Blaine Greenwood as part of the Federation of BC Writers Spring Writes Festival in April, along with the Crimson Coast Dancers interpreting the words of the writers. In May Victoria writers Wendy Donawa and Daniel Scott read. In September Yvonne Blomer and Rhonda Ganz read. In October Jude Neale and David Stymeist read. In November Heidi Greco and Barbara Pelman read.


We have continued to apply for funding from LCP and TWUC and we also directly funded writers who had no affiliation with these funding organizations.


In 2018 we funded A Brown Bag Lunch reading with Mary Ann Moore in partnership with the Harbourfront Library, and in February brought Sheri-D Wilson, an acclaimed spoken-word artist, to provide a workshop and a performance at VIU.


Throughout the fiscal year we also purchased authors’ books and donated them as door prizes. We also organized to bring George Elliott Clarke, past 7th parliamentarian poet laureate, along with poets’ laureate from Victoria, Nanaimo and the Comox Valley in conjunction with the City of Nanaimo Literary Awards evening. The work was done in this past fiscal year but the event occurred at the beginning of April in our new year.


Basically the WordStorm Reading Series has been phased out as of November 2017, however 15 Minutes of Infamy is an integral part of what Wordstorm does throughout the year along with special events where specific writers will be invited to come to Nanaimo to provide workshops and performances. In terms of going forward new a great ideas will be revealed later.


Election of Our 2018-2019 Executive


Slate Presented


Carla Stein – Artistic Director

Ian Talbot – Assistant Artistic Director

David Fraser – Secretary/Treasurer

Directors-at-Large: Madeleine Nattrass


Nominations  were asked for from the Floor, three times

No additional names were put forward.

A raise for hands from current members  was made for “All in Favour of the slate.”


Motion to accept the slate for the 2018 -2019 fiscal year.

Moved by Pat Smekal, and seconded by Ian Talbot on the motion to accept. 


Amendment to the Minutes regarding signing officers for the Coast Community Credit Union Account:


Statement Approved By The New Executive:


It was agreed by the executive for 2018-2019 Fiscal Year that Carla Stein, Artistic Director and Ian Talbot Assistant Artistic Director, and David Fraser, Secretary/Treasurer will have signing authority for the writing of cheques and that only one signature from these signers is required on a cheque and for withdrawals.


Moved by Madeleine Nattrass and seconded by Seconded by David Fraser




April, 2018 Notes from Wordstorm’s Artistic Director, Carla Stein


First off -- The rumors of Wordstorm’s death are greatly exaggerated!

The nature of the organization is, as David has said, however, going through

a metamorphosis, and unlike caterpillars, whose changes are foreordained,

what Wordstorm turns into will largely depend on the input and ideas from

our membership.


So we are really encouraging you to become actively involved either as a

member at large on our executive or as a Wordstorm supporter. We are

especially looking for members-at-large who can help manage our social

media, have graphic design and/or website management skills. We also

would love to have a member-at-large who would enjoy helping to stay in

touch with our growing membership!


And, of course, we encourage you to be involved with helping to set up

events, staff information tables, and be a cheer leader for the various projects.


What Wordstorm has coming up.


• Speaking of which --- we have some exciting events already planned

for fall/winter of 2018-19, which include workshops and readings by

renowned Canadian poets: Bill Bisset, Fiona Lam and Robert Priest.

Infamy continues through June, 2018 and will return in September,

2018 on a monthly basis as well.


• We want to connect with young emerging writers and plan to

collaborate with educators in our local high schools.


• Part of Wordstorm’s original mandate was to help publish local

writers and we would like to explore more ways to make that happen.

• We are looking to collaborate with and support our growing literary

community in the Mid-Island. Part of our efforts to do so will include

a clearinghouse-style calendar of literary events on our website, so

make sure to send us your information!


• We would like to explore the potential of future literary festivals, such

as the Cascadia Poetry Festival, held here in 2015.

As a Wordstorm member, we know you are a creator of ideas and ideas can

flow pretty easily, but to turn those ideas into reality takes energy.

Wordstorm needs your ideas and YOUR ENERGY --- Let’s put those

together and discover what Worstorm can morph into over the next decade.

Feel free to contact me, if you would like to become a member-at-large or a

Wordstorm supporter, or share your ideas.


Carla Stein

Artistic Director,

Wordstorm Society of the Arts




Motion to Adjourn:

Moved by Leanne McIntosh, and seconded by Madeleine Nattrass on the motion to adjourn. 

Time: 7:45

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