Creating a Literary Community in

Central Vancouver Island

Philosophy of WordStorm

Why Join?


We learned from books

- to provide a venue for new and emerging writers of prose, poetry, dramatic presentations, storytelling, and lyrics
- to support the development of new work
- to assist writers in developing spoken word skills

-- to promote and enhance the self-esteem of local island writers
- to entertain, have fun, share ideas
- to be inclusive in terms of demographics, style, skill level, celebrity
- to put Nanaimo on the map for spoken word events comparable to larger urban centres such as Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto
- to create a new form of entertainment for Nanaimo
- to inspire and encourage our audience to participate in literary community

WordStorm was founded in 2007 and has evolved into a society that strives to promote the written arts on Central Vancouver Island, through special events, monthly venues, such as, 15 Minutes of Infamy, workshops, and festivals.

We want to be responsive to the needs of of authors, poets, and writers of all literary genres who live and create in central Vancouver Island.

Send us a message through our contact page with your comments and suggestions or even better - become a Wordstorm member and receive regular updates and special discounts on contests and events

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