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Synchronous Connections Contest



First place - $400  - Michelle Gilligan Tuit and team

Second place - $300  - Janis La Covee and team

Third Place - $200 - Judy Millar and team



Synchronous Connections 2021 - fostered collaboration between writers of all genres, visual artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, video and filmmakers as well as other creatives. The contest encouraged artists working across a wide spectrum to collaborate on projects evolved from mixing the perspectives and techniques of various art forms. Projects involved two or more creators working in different media or genres.


All work was the original material of the collaborators. Projects were designed for presentation as an online format compatible with Zoom. Many of the projects enlisted team members based in different geographical locations who were able to communicate and complete their projects using online platforms.

The winning project videos were showcased online at Wordstorm’s October 26th, 2021 Omniform Lounge event.

A few reactions from finalists and participants:

from a Contest finalist:


“None of us would have pursued the projects if it hadn’t been for Synchronous Connections.”


comments from event attendees:


“Great work and congratulations to all of the teams. It's lovely to see people working together in separate places. I hope you'll all continue to do so. If there's one thing I've learned in life it's that it's so incredibly important to create things with the people that you love.”


“Thank you everyone for a great evening!”

View the winning projects!

First place -

Second place -

Third place -




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