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Synchronous Connections

A collaborative contest for artists, writers, and creatives
Submission Deadline July 15, 2021
Submission Guidelines for Synchronous Connections Contest


Wordstorm presents an exciting opportunity to engage in collaborative projects and win cash recognition for your work.


Awards: First place - $400  Second place - $300 Third Place - $200


Synchronous Connections is a contest that aims to foster collaboration between writers of all genres, visual artists, photographers, musicians, dancers, video and filmmakers as well as other creatives.

The contest encourages artists working across a wide spectrum to collaborate on projects that evolve from mixing perspectives and techniques of various art forms. Projects must involve two or more creators working in different media or genres.


Those eligible to submit include any two or more creatives from differing artistic disciplines or writers from differing genres. Examples include a poet and dancer, a photographer and musician, a prose writer and sculptor, a poet and creative non-fiction writer, a script writer and a dancer, a filmmaker and a musician, a sculptor and fiction writer, or a visual artist and a photographer combining their skills to evolve a collaborative presentation or performance.


Projects should be suitable for presentation in an online format compatible with Zoom. Projects can be presented live, on .mp4 video files, or .mp3 audio files. Slide shows are permitted, however, should not be in the form of a power point presentation.


Submissions should be sent as a pitch of no more than 500 words. The pitch should include the name of the project, describe the intent of the project, the disciplines of the creatives who will complete the project along with their contact information (full names, email address, phone number, and street address), materials proposed to complete the project and estimated time to present the project online (maximum time is ten minutes).


Pitches should be sent as a .pdf or .docx file to:  wordstormsociety@gmail.com


Please place ‘Synchronous Connections Contest” in the subject line. Submissions must be received by July 15th, 2021. Submissions are free for Wordstorm members. At least one member of a team must be a Wordstorm member to qualify for free submission. Non-members will need to submit $15 per entry which can be sent by e-transfer to: wordstormsociety@gmail.com


Winning contestants will be notified of their successful pitches by August 1st, 2021 and must be available to present their projects at Wordstorm’s online Omniform Lounge on Thursday, September 30th, 2021. Financial prizes will be distributed following the project presentations.


Please direct any questions to:

Carla Stein

artistic director, Wordstorm Society of the Arts




Can I send supporting materials with my pitch?

Yes, you can send no more than two .jpeg .png or .pdf files as supporting material.


I’m currently not a Wordstorm member.  Can I take out my membership before sending in my pitch to qualify for free submission?

Yes! We are delighted that you want to join Wordstorm, so go ahead and take out your membership right now! https://www.wordstorm.ca/plans-pricing


Will Wordstorm be able to help me resolve technical issues with presenting my project? i.e. teach me how to produce video or audio files?

No, you and your team members are responsible for all skills and know-how necessary to complete your project. You’re a creative, so shape your project within your existing skill base or choose to learn some new skills!


Will Wordstorm be responsible for matching creatives, writers, or creating teams?

Wordstorm respects that you have your own ideas and inspiration about what project you choose to create and who to collaborate with to accomplish your goal. We will NOT be matching or creating collaborative teams. That’s part of the fun YOU get to have!