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Wordstorm has openings on its board of directors. You could be part of the team that envisions how Wordstorm moves forward!

This is an exciting time for our regional literary society – we’re part-way through our year of Restor-volution, the first year Wordstorm has had an overarching theme for its programming season; Counterflow Magazine is releasing its third issue; and we have strong ties with local partners to create mutually beneficial offerings to a community of writers, artists, and fans of both written and spoken word.

Come June 2024 Wordstorm will have openings for the following board of director positions:


  • Presides at all meetings of the Society and of the directors.

  • Responsible for supervising the other directors in the execution of their duties.



  • Responsible for carrying out the duties of the President if the President is unable to act.



Responsible for doing, or making the necessary arrangements for, the following:

  • receiving and banking monies collected from the members or other sources;

  • keeping accounting records in respect of the Society’s financial transactions;    

  • preparing the Society’s financial statements; 

  • making the Society’s filings respecting taxes. 



Responsible for doing, or making the necessary arrangements for, the following:    

  • issuing notices of general meetings and directors’ meetings; 

  • taking minutes of general meetings and directors’ meetings; 

  • keeping the records of the Society in accordance with the Act;

  • conducting the correspondence of the Board; 

  • filing the annual report of the Society and making any other filings with the registrar under the Act;

  • maintain the register of members.



  • Attend board meetings and carry out other duties as agreed upon by the board and the individual director..

That’s right, it’ll be a year of renewal! Three of our current board directors are stepping down from their executive roles and will stand for director-at-large roles at the June 6 AGM.


After six years as President, as well as the board-appointed Artistic Director, Carla Stein is stepping down. Amber Morrison, who has served as Vice-President, and appointed Assistant Artistic Director, for three years is also stepping down. Carla and Amber are committed to continue to volunteer as the editors of Wordstorm’s literary magazine, Counterflow.

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Join the Board of Directors

What does it take to be a board member?

     ★ Attend online, bi-monthly board meetings (1.5 hours each)

     ★ Follow and deliver duties set out in Wordstorm’s bylaws

     ★ Be a member of Wordstorm (it’s easy to become a member – no test required)

     ★ A passion for advancing opportunities for new, emerging and established literary artists in the region

Currently, as a volunteer-run society, there are lots of rewarding activities to take part in to keep Wordstorm presenting fresh programming for the community. Things like:

    ★ Communications

    ★ Website maintenance

    ★ Program planning

    ★ Hosting and MC’ing events


Sitting on Wordstorm’s board is a great way to connect with other lovers of the literary. Plus, for anyone looking to expand their skillset, your resume will look even shinier with a board role on it.


Current General Operational Duties (These duties can be shared between multiple people, including board directors and non-board volunteers):



  • Updating and maintaining website

  • Managing Wordstorm’s email account and responding to member inquiries

  • Writing grants and submitting reports (as applicable)

  • Applying for League of Canadian Poets and Writers Union of Canada funding for feature readers and workshop leaders (as applicable)

  • Sending out the monthly newsletter via MailChimp

  • Sending out press releases and acting as spokesperson to media

  • Designing posters and Facebook event graphics

  • Social media postings and responses, including making Facebook events and monitoring Wordstorm Facebook group

  • Paying performers and annual bills



  • Planning quarterly program events and pop-up events including booking talent

  • Hosting and MC’ing events in person and online

  • Fostering relationships and forging partnerships with other arts groups and organizations

  • Editing and designing Counterflow including securing a guest editor for each issue, compiling submissions, soliciting and supervising editorial assistant, coordinating submission call and communicating with submitters

Have questions or want to join the board?

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