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Become a Wordstorm-er!

As our way to say Thank You for supporting literary community, when you become a Wordstorm Member, we'll mail you a set of four postcards featuring original designs by two Vancouver Island artists!

Use them to stay in touch with friends and family,

pop them into a frame or tack them to a

bulletin board. These colourful images are also

a great way to decorate and enliven

your own personal writing space!

My project-1-4.jpg
  • Wordstorm Membership

    Become a Wordstorm-er!
    Valid for one year

  • Memberships are good for one year and ensure you can vote at Annual General Meetings and/or stand for a position on Wordstorm's Board of Directors.

  • Members receive a 25% discount on Wordstorm workshops and/or special events.​

  • As a member you can post news about your writing projects, awards, and/or publications in our monthly newsletter.

  • NEW! Wordstorm members have access to The Writers' Room, a member-only section on our website, that’s filled with resources to support and assist you on your writing journey.  

   Your Membership helps to Build and     Support Literary Community on Vancouver Island and around the

Salish Sea Basin

Wordstorm membership fees and donations enable to us to

present special events and regular literary venues either free of admission or at affordable rates while still helping to financially support literary artists.

When you purchase a membership, you will first be asked to create a member account. Once you have completed that step, you will be directed to payment. Credit/debit cards are accepted.

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